Air freight

Kleijn Transport offers you a wide variety of services regarding air freight, including transport to and/or from the airport. You can choose a particular service or you can let us manage the whole process for you!

Kleijn uses a worldwide network of agents, our partners. This guarantees both speed and reliability. Our agents can help you in the airport of your choice overseas, whereas Kleijn Transport takes care of everything in The Netherlands. Either way, you communicate only and directly with Kleijn; Kleijn handles everything for you, both here and abroad.

We offer the following services:

Customs handling. We handle all customs documentation and declaration, as well as the paying of taxes. Due to our AEO-certification (Authorized Economic Operator) a safe and fast handling through customs is ensured, since we have a direct link with customs for all declarations and documents required.

Storage and transshipment. We unload your goods in our warehouse in preparation for distribution, but we also offer a number of services regarding storage.

Trucking (trailer transport) through all of Europe.

Distribution and groupage.

Benefits of Kleijn Transport

Speed. You want your goods to arrive as fast as humanly possible. Thanks to our AEO-certification, waiting for customs declaration is a thing of the past – Kleijn guarantees a speedy delivery!

Competitive rates. Through the use of our network of agents, we can offer you the lowest rates. Extra important since air freight isn’t cheap!

Reliability. Our trusted network of partners takes care of everything in the airport of destination, while Kleijn handles everything for you here in The Netherlands.

Direct communication lines. Kleijn Transport is your direct point of contact; we arrange everything for you!

Track and trace. Thanks to our advanced automated system, you stay informed of the whereabouts of your cargo at all times.

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