Storage and distribution

Kleijn Transport doesn’t just offer a wide range of transport services; we also have a large variety of possibilities regarding warehousing: storage and distribution of goods. On our base in Alblasserdam (40.000 m2) we have a modern bonded warehouse of 5.000 m2 with 9 loading docks for fast and efficient handling. It has racks for 3.000 pallets and 2 cranes, with a total lifting capacity of 32 tons.

We offer the following services:

  • palletising
  • labeling
  • sealing
  • weighing
  • barcode scanning
  • online stock management
  • pick and pack.

You can choose one of our services, but we can also manage the whole process of storage and distribution for you. For instance: we offer one way transport (Kleijn will then collect your freight, store the goods in our warehouse and you can collect it later for further distribution – or the other way around), but you can also choose to let Kleijn manage every aspect of the process for you. Our service is as complete as you want it!

Advantages of Kleijn Transport

Online stock management. You, as a valued customer, have access to our interactive web page, where you can log in securely, manage your stock, make order entries and monitor all your activities. You always have an up-to-date overview of and maximum control over your current storage and distribution!

AEO-certification (Authorized Economic Operator) since 2011. Our AEO-certification ensures a safe and fast handling through customs, since we have a direct link with customs for all declarations and documents required. Kleijn meets the highest safety regulations; our warehouse is bonded and secured and our personnel is trained in recognizing safety hazards.

Pick and pack. Your order is gathered, packed securely and made ready for distribution. For smaller articles, we use our fully automated Kardex machine, in which the goods are stored safely and cleanly.

Extra services, like rectifying mistakes and re-packaging goods.

In short: Kleijn offers more than just storage: we add value to your stock, by offering tailor-made services to our customers! Do you want to get more information or acquaint yourself with our very reasonable prices? Request a quote!