Kleijn Transport is very conscious of environmental issues and we do our very best to minimize our impact on the environment. Energy consumption and emissions of harmful substances are therefore kept to a minimum.

Kleijn Transport has taken the following measures for reducing our ecological footprint:

  • We only use new vehicles; these are low on the use of fuel and the emission of hazardous substances. Our fleet meets the latest environmental standards.
  • Our drivers are trained in fuel-efficient driving.
  • We only use electrical vehicles in our warehouse.
  • There’s a charging point for electrical vehicles on our lot.
  • Refrigerated trailers/containers can be charged electrically at our terrain, so the cooling engines don’t use polluting fuel oil.
  • Our office and warehouse are built energy-efficiently, making full use of insulation and natural sources of light.
  • Waste is reduced by reusing and recycling it as much as possible.
  • We strive for a completely paperless office.

Kleijn Transport issues an annual environmental report, in which we analyze our environmental impact and set new targets for the following year, to further minimize our environmental burden.