Kleijn Transport specializes in both accompanied and unaccompanied trailer traffic. If you choose unaccompanied traffic, Kleijn loads your trailer and takes care of its delivery to the ferry company that will ship your cargo the the designated country. From there, you can either choose to take care of the rest of the transport yourself, or Kleijn can arrange for a local transportation company to deliver the cargo to the desired destination.

If you choose accompanied traffic, the driver accompanies the trailer on board (as the name implies). This offers the extra option of return loading.

Both options have advantages: unaccompanied traffic is less expensive, while accompanied traffic is faster. Either way, Kleijn arranges everything for you and is your direct point of communication!

Our vehicles drive through all of Europe: to Great Britain, Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Russia and Germany. Our fleet is partially stationed in North-Germany, which offers many advantages regarding weekend transportation: the trailers coming from Europe can be shipped to Scandinavia on the weekend, leaving our vehicles available for picking up import trailers for early transportation on Mondays.

Kleijn’s vehicles can be used for both complete loads and partial loads.

One-way trailer trucking is a special service offered by Kleijn; this way, you have the advantage of not being responsible for the return journey.

Advantages of Kleijn Transport

Real time tracking of your cargo. Kleijn has access to the latest technology; all our vehicles are equipped with on-board computers, which allows you to follow the movement of your cargo live 24/7.

Direct communication lines. Kleijn Transport is your direct point of contact; we arrange everything for you!

Speed. Fast delivery is the highest priority – for you and for us. That’s why we only have new vehicles. Our Dutch and German drivers work under the best circumstances possible. This assures you of fast and reliable transport!

Safety. Every vehicle is equipped with an alarm and the tracking function of the on-board computer ensures extra safety.

Expertise. Kleijn Transport specializes in handling dangerous cargo, hazardous waste and refrigerated transports. We have all the knowledge and skills to handle your cargo correctly and safely.

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