Project cargo

Besides ‘regular’ cargo, Kleijn Transport can also take care of project cargo: transportation of large and/or special projects. For instance: moving a whole factory from one country to another or delivering all the parts for building an oil platform. These special projects often involve the moving of unusually sized materials and Kleijn knows just how to do that!

Kleijn Transport collects all materials in our own warehouse; there, they are packed for transport with special care and attention, loaded and delivered at the site of your choosing. Our worldwide network of agents assists us abroad.

Advantages of Kleijn Transport

Expertise. Kleijn Transport specializes in transporting large and unusually sized cargo. We have all the knowledge and skills to handle your special project correctly and safely.

All-in-one service. Kleijn Transport is your direct point of contact; we arrange everything for you!

Reliability. By working with a network of partners, we can assure you of the utmost trustworthiness and the safety of your special project.

Competitive rates. Through the use of our network of agents, we can offer you the lowest rates.

Track and trace. Thanks to our advanced automated system, you stay informed of the whereabouts of your project at all times.

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