Courier services

Kleijn Transport is also your go-to company for courier services, both in The Netherlands and abroad. Our trucks drive all throughout Europe. Whether it’s a complete load to Milan, an envelope to Schiphol or a carton to Hamburg: Kleijn is at your disposal 24/7! All cargo is transported by our own vehicles and drivers; this guarantees both speed and reliability.

Advantages of Kleijn Transport

24/7 service. You can reach Kleijn at any given moment, with all your needs regarding courier services.

Speed. At Kleijn, we understand that time is essential when it comes to courier services. Fast delivery is the highest priority – for you and for us. That’s why we only have new vehicles (for courier services mostly smaller vans, which can go faster). Our Dutch and German drivers work under the best circumstances possible. This assures you of fast and reliable transport!

Real time tracking of your cargo. Kleijn has access to the latest technology; all our vehicles are equipped with on-board computers, which allows you to follow the movement of your cargo live 24/7.

Safety. All our vehicles have alarms and the tracking function of the on-board computers ensures extra safety.

Would you like more information? Or do you have cargo that needs to be delivered quickly? Request a quote online now. Our employees can help you at any given moment.