Kleijn Transport offers a variety of services regarding the traffic of sea containers to every European destination.

Kleijn specializes in one-way container trucking. We transport your cargo from Rotterdam, Antwerp and the ports of North-Germany; you are responsible for the return journey. Or we can load your empty import containers and take them to one of the sea ports.

Duisburg has one the greatest inner ports of all of Europe; a lot of import shipments arrive at this destination, via the Rhine and via the excellent railway networks (like the Betuweroute). This is why Kleijn Transport has a special station in Duisburg, for direct distribution of all this cargo in and around Duisburg.

We also have stations in Lübeck (Northern Germany) and Worms (Southern Germany) to accomodate our German customers in their export needs.

We offer the following services:

  • One-way container transportation.
  • Transport of conditioned (refrigerated) containers.
  • Multimodal transport (transport via railway or sea, combined with trailer traffic).

Advantages of Kleijn Transport

Real time tracking of your cargo. Kleijn has access to the latest technology; all our vehicles are equipped with on-board computers, which allows you to follow the movement of your cargo live 24/7.

Direct communication lines. Kleijn Transport is your direct point of contact; we arrange everything for you!

The re-use of empty containers. Working together with the shipping lines, we try to re-use your empty import containers to load your export cargo. This prevents unnecessary container handling.

Speed. Fast delivery is the highest priority – for you and for us. That’s why we only have new vehicles. Our Dutch and German drivers work under the best circumstances possible. This assures you of fast and reliable transport!

Safety. All our vehicles have alarms and the tracking function of the on-board computers ensures extra safety.

Expertise. Kleijn Transport specializes in handling dangerous cargo and hazardous waste. We also have gensets available for your refrigerated transports. These can be charged electrically on our terrain.

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