Now available

Kleijn Transport has expanded its storage warehouse with two additional units of 1,800 m3 each, with six loading docks and two overhead doors.


One unit is fully equipped with shelves creating a warehouse and utilizing the space  optimally. The fork-lift truck driven by induction is fast and moves easily through the narrow corridors. This unit only provides extra room for the storage of 2,200 europallets.

Energy-efficient LED luminaires, that automatically turn on and off, illuminate the entire warehouse resulting in huge energy savings.

The increase in scale provides Kleijn Transport with the opportunity to carry out all the value-added logistics, such as labeling, weighing, sealing or palletizing, as well as the possibility for the storage of all kinds of products, from the smallest component in our order picking warehouse to loaded containers.

If you are interested to use the new storage capacity or want to explore the additional services we can offer for our value-added logistics, please contact us!